Linda Foley is an internationally recognized painter based in the National Capital Region of Canada and is best known for her encaustic works that comprise her sense of humour and the stories she writes to accompany them.  

Linda’s work can be found in private collections in various countries around the globe, as well as in the permanent collection of the Encaustic Museum of Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 


Artist Statement

My work is created with encaustic, an ancient painting medium primarily made of beeswax and tree resin. This medium is rather difficult to manipulate and unpredictable…and that's what makes it exciting to work with.  I get excited watching the molten wax drip from the brush and adhere to the substrate leaving traces where each brush hair has passed.  I get excited when I pull the trigger of my torch and the flame suddenly jets out with a loud ‘swoosh’ sound.  Adjusting the dial to set the perfect intensity on the flame for the result I want to accomplish excites me.  The pièce de résistance comes when I gently apply the torch to a new layer of encaustic and hover over it watching it become molten under the heat of the flame! 


I spend hours in my studio intently focused every step of the way.  I don’t always know where I’m going with a piece.  Sometimes I surrender control and let a piece develop organically, and honestly, surrendering control isn’t always easy for me.  Other times, I start a piece with a definite idea of what I’m hoping for, however, this medium's unpredictability may change my course of action, and frankly, the outcome is often better than expected!


As a painter, I'm driven by humour, passion and a creative spirit. I experiment by integrating various objects into my pieces, creating sculptural elements, pushing the boundaries, in search for developing my own unique painting style and techniques.  Capturing and expressing the spontaneity and unpredictability of the ideas that constantly churn in my mind is a both a privilege and a curse, lol. 


I am very grateful for the attention my work receives, including the lovely words of encouragement from clients and other creatives. 


~ Linda Foley