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"Linda, I received this GORGEOUS piece of art today and I am smitten!  I adore it!  Thank you very much for packaging this piece so well and the detailed directions on when and how to open the package.  The Certificate of Authenticity is a nice touch.  I can't wait until your next show!"

- Ellie Moore, Collector

"Most amazing!  You have the rare ability, gift, of being able to transport ones very being into your ethereal creations.  This is beyond captivating.  You are able to ignite a complete sensory experience by just a brief exposure over the internet!  I can imagine the joy and awe when people get to experience these pieces in person.  Truly beautiful."

- Rosalie Evans

"It arrived and it is PERFECT!  I LOVE IT!!! It is my favorite art piece I've bought this year!  It's even more everything in person.  You captured everything I love perfectly!" 

- Debra Morris, Collector

"It is stunning!!!  So much more beautiful in person.  I cannot wait to give it to my daughter for Xmas!!!!  So well wrapped and presented!!! Thank you!   And ready for hanging!!! ❤️❤️❤️"

 - Kristen Penrod, Art Instructor

"I am in love with your style.  And much of the pieces evoke thoughts and emotions from a very deep place.  I don't say that too often about art.  Your "stories" that are attached to them are also absolutely wonderful!  Thank you for making such beautiful art." 

 - Sophie Galván

"Une femme humaine, passionnée, dévouée, dynamique, intelligente, comique qui possède de multiples talents. Sa créativité est sans limite. Elle exécute ces œuvres sur l’entremise du médium encaustique. À travers chaque œuvre unique et  sensationnelle , une histoire touchante est racontée.

Elle réussit  à me surprendre et à me fasciner à chaque œuvre.

Bravo mon amie!"

- Carmen. collectionneuse

“Linda is a very talented artist and a delight to meet.  Her encaustic artwork is unique and you will be drawn in by both her artwork and the stories behind each piece.  Worth discovering…”

- Linda McCrea, Collector

"I am the proud owner of 3 of Linda’s paintings. Her work draws you in closer. The depth and texture of her art is incredible. Every time I look at her art, I notice something different.  Her varied body of work is fun loving, adventurous and thought provoking.


While this international artist’s talent is obvious, the exceptional quality of service she offers is not so obvious.  She provides written instructions on how to care for her encaustic pieces.  The pieces are carefully packaged to ensure protection against temperature changes and includes instructions on opening the package safely.  A signature is required upon delivery, thereby ensuring the package is not left outside unattended. She keeps customers updated on the tracking status and estimated time, and follows up after the delivery to ensure the art was received in good condition.   


These extra steps and special attention to detail makes it possible to enjoy her beautiful art for several years to come."

- Diane Mainville, Collector

“I recently bought one of her many creations that I proudly have hung on my wall.  Her talent is limitless! ❤️”

 -  Sandra Roussy, Collector

"I am proud to call you my little cousin...not only are you talented, extremely intelligent, and beautiful, you are one of the kindest human beings I know...❤️❤️❤️"

-  Louise Malette

"I have three pieces of Linda's that I love so much!  It's a very interesting medium!  Visit her studio and you'll be impressed!"

-  Janet Glendenning

"I've known Linda for many years dating back to high school.  I have always admired her various talents and sense of humour.  I am a proud owner of 6 of her original encaustic paintings, and 2 of her prints.  Keep up the good work!"

-  Joanne Durocher-Comeau

“I just love the texture and the feel of Linda's encaustic paintings!  They are one of a kind!  Linda has a great eye for detail and is very creative.  Looking forward to getting a new piece in the future.”

- Danielle Lavergne

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