THE STORY:  This lovely woman has removed all barriers to grounding her beautiful natural energy with that of nature’s. Nourished and blissful, she climbs to the top of a tree into it’s lush canopy to get a closer unobstructed look at the beautiful bright blue sky. As if in a dream, she discovers a wonderful secluded large empty nest. She climbs into it and for a while stares at the miraculous cloudless blue wonder above her. The exhilaration she feels is profoundly indescribably spiritual. Blissful of this experience, she gently closes her eyes and relies on all other senses to experience the sounds and smells of nature around her. Peaceful and content, she rolls over on her side, and falls fast asleep.

Sweet Dreams, 6" x 6" x 15", Original Art

  • Original

    6" X 6" X 15”  Original Art

    This sculpture is comprised of cedar wood, encaustic medium, polymer clay, real bird's nest (treated and disinfected)