The Story:  "...She loved old industrial buildings, especially the ones covered in graffiti art! She dreamed that one day she might live in one of these converted into lofts. One with very high ceilings and large pipes crossing from one end to the other with cement walls showing marks of usage from its history. On this day she was there to find the dance studio. Thank goodness for the signs on the wall that guided her to her destination. She opened the large heavy metal door and stepped inside. At one end of the room she saw three beautiful ballet dancers with strings seemingly attached to their extremities. She was in awe of their suppleness and grace unhindered by the strings, as they moved gracefully floating on what looked like a large veil of red silk. She was struck by their beauty and elegance over the soft silk cloth juxtaposed against the raw rugged cold cement wall. She was trying to make sense of this visual interpretation. She wondered..."

Dancing Queens - 8" x 8", Original Art

  • Original

    8" X 8" X 1.5” thick sides painted black

    Original Art on Gallery Cradled Panel