THE STORY:   "...The young man’s enthusiasm in flying his kite was contagious! In many ways this metaphor for self-actualization was powerful!  She was also fascinated with how graffiti played with our mind. The first thing she saw was the subject of the graffiti; a boy with his kite soaring high, trailing behind him.  She saw depth and perspective like he was coming from some obscure distant place...infinity maybe. But when she looked carefully, she remembered that this is simply an image on a wall!  At the top she saw a pipe of sorts fastened to that wall. On the lower left side, she saw a sign that read, “No loitering is allowed on or in front of these premises“ (clearly this young man had not read the sign! ). Below it is a pile of garbage leaning against the wall.  She was fascinated with how our brain fools us by transporting us beyond the pipe, the sign, the garbage, and the wall, into another world of fantasy with a depth of field! This is why artists do this!  The thrill of manipulating reality and creating an emotional response, in many ways..."  

Soaring High - 16" x 16", Original Art

  • Original

    16" X 16" X 1.5” thick sides painted black

    Original Art on Gallery Cradled Panel