THE STORY:  “…the cold rain came down hard. He picked up his stride and began running as if it would make a difference. The fact was that he was in the middle of a storm, and try as he might, he couldn’t avoid it. As he pulled up his hoodie to warm his head and the back of his neck, he chuckled to himself. It occurred to him that his instinct to run was a parallel reaction to how he deals with storms in his personal life. The fear of facing difficult situations had caused many lost opportunities and destroyed meaningful relationships. He suddenly stopped in his tracks. This time he would ride the storm and be present with it. He crouched down, rested the handle of his umbrella on the cold wet ground, squeezed in under his canopy as much as he could, closed his eyes, and listened to symphony of drops as they landed on the various surfaces. It was time for him to stop running from storms and be present with them. He…”

Riding the Storm, 4" x 4" x 14", Original Art

  • Original

    4" X 4" X 15”  Original Art

    This sculpture is comprised of cedar wood, encaustic medium, polymer clay, chrome, ink.