THE STORY:  “…She burst into laughter and continued on her merry way, that is until she got distracted by another graffiti mural of a little girl riding her scooter chasing a pigeon.  It brought back a fond memory of her childhood.   Amelia was riding her scooter in the park around every bend in the path.  As she turned a corner, she spotted him!   She was overcome with excitement.  The pigeon was oblivious to her presence at first as he was used to roaming in the park being ignored by passersby.   No matter how inconspicuously he could normally be, this young lady had locked her gaze on him!  She had her beady little eyes on the prize!  The chase was on!  Her kicks grew stronger, and her speed grew faster, narrowing the distance between them.  She started to move so fast that her ponytail got windswept and trailed behind her like a rudder. The pigeon kept up his wobbly gate, letting her believe she was gaining speed on him.  Through his binocular vision he could see her squint get narrower, and her grin grow larger.  Just as she was about to catch up to him, he.…”

AVAILABLE - The Chase - 16" x 16", Original Art

  • Original

    16" X 16" X 1.5” thick sides painted black

    Original Art on Gallery Cradled Panel