THE STORY: "...she was impressed with how the graffiti artist played on the sign "FIRE ACCESS ROUTE", rewriting its interpretation to mean "a place where fire can be accessed". How clever she thought! The cleverness became quickly shadowed by the subject of the graffiti piece. A young child and dog needing to seek warmth from a fire set in a garbage can. She wondered who this young boy was. Where were his parents? Was this his dog or a stray? While it was a sad image, it made a statement of the need for social consciousness on the plight of the homeless. Like many young children, in spite of his situation, he seemed content and found ways to amuse himself. Even the dog look content to be near the child and the warmth. It's interesting how..."

AVAILABLE - Fire Access Route - 16" x 16", Original Art

  • Original

    16" X 16" X 1.5” thick sides painted black

    Original Art on Gallery Cradled Panel