Every crease and positioning of the body were intended to capture the emotion of deep solitary thinking.  As I sculpted, I became mindful of the different meaning and interpretations this piece might have.   I asked myself, “Is it about ‘thinking outside the box’ as illustrated by the cubes, or is it about getting lost deep in thought?  If it is the latter, what might the reflection be about?”  So many concepts were flooding my mind.  Maybe it’s about day dreaming!  Perhaps it’s about pondering life events!  Maybe it’s ruminating on the content of the book.  Art is a powerful tool that takes on a personal meaning and impact from the viewers perspective.  The greatest compliment I can receive as a creative, is knowing that my piece has affected someone in some way.

Deep in Thought, 5.5" W” X 5.5” D X 10.5" H, Original Art

  • Original

    5.5" X 5.5" X 10.5”  Original Art

    This sculpture is comprised of cedar wood, encaustic medium, and polymer clay.