THE STORY:  “…Having observed her fierce transformation from a crow to a stunning sensual entity, the men were falling under her spell.  Cunning and determined to get her way, the Morrigan Goddess began her enticing dance, flaunting her grace and beauty.  Unable to resist and completely enthralled, the men had succumbed to her seduction.  Her wish became their command.  While she had predicted the victorious outcome of this combat, she would take no chances, and use these men to seal its fate.  The Morrigan lured them to the battle field and ordered them to engage. They were fearless and fought the enemy with all their might.  As foreseen, the war was won.  She was ecstatic!  Delighted and rapturous, she balanced on the red heart feather, her arms extended to the Universe, grateful for the powers that had been bestowed upon her.  Engrossed in this celebratory moment, she had completely overlooked that between now and…”

The Morrigan Goddess - 11" X 17" Fine Art Print

  • Fine Art Print on Enhanced Matte Photographic Paper using specialized archival pigmented inks that give a remarkable colour saturation simulating the original painting.