THE STORY:  “...She was the prettiest raven he’d ever laid eyes on. She had long slender shiny wings. Her lush hackle framed her beautiful head, showcasing her lovely black eyes and perfect bowie knife beak. He was a rook, and so the likelihood of capturing this beauty’s heart was very unlikely. Nevertheless, completely smitten, he fluffed out his beautiful black feathers and began proudly strutting around hoping to draw her attention. She could see him in her peripheral vision, and was very amused by his courtship. Determined, he dialled up his flirtatious attempts and began cawing in her direction while skillfully bobbing his head and body up and down. He was irresistible, and despite her attempt at ignoring him, he had captured her heart..."

Where the Heart Is - 8" x 24", Original Art

  • Original

    8" X 24" X 1.5” thick sides painted black

    Original Art on Gallery Cradled Panel