THE STORY:  “...They felt the earth vibrate violently and a cold breeze envelop them as they witnessed the ominous black crow transform into a beautiful woman.  At first a frightening fowl, and in a heart beat, an attractive entity seemingly rising from the ground in an elegant sensual ballet.  They were immediately seduced by her grace and beauty.  Her black skirt wrapped loosely around her hips moved in the frigid breeze.  Foolishly they let their guard down.  Knowing she had them in her grasp, she stared into their eyes with her piercing fiery gaze.  In some parts of this land she was known as The Morrigan Goddess associated with war, destiny, fate and death.   Cunning and determined, this strong and powerful woman had the ability to transform into any shape to accomplish her deeds.  Completely under her spell, she lured the men to...”

Ecstasy - 11" X 17" Fine Art Print

  • Fine Art Print on Enhanced Matte Photographic Paper using specialized archival pigmented inks that give a remarkable colour saturation simulating the original painting.