THE STORY:  “…it was an old tire place with a guard dog.  No one dared approach it without the owner present fearing the attack dog on duty.  The sign posted on the outer wall was a reminder of the risk and danger of trespassing.  Underneath it, someone had spray painted a comedic message that said, “Keep Your Children on A Leash.”   Martha walked by this establishment every day wondering how close she could get before the barking would start.  On this day however, not only did she not hear the dog, but she noticed that someone had somehow managed to climb the fence protecting the facility and paint more graffiti on its walls.  This time it was of a young boy appearing to have tamed the dog with food and kindness.  The sign of danger that a wild uncontrollable beast lurked about was juxtaposed with this graffiti of a young boy loving the dog with an offer of his apple core.   Martha was impressed with how graffiti can send strong metaphorical messages through simple images.  She was…”

AVAILABLE - Attack Dog on Duty - 16" x 16", Original Art

  • Original

    16" X 16" X 1.5” thick sides painted black

    Original Art on Gallery Cradled Panel